St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation established for the purpose of providing financial support, development and expansion of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and its ministries, including St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School.

The Foundation manages separate endowment funds for the Church and the Day School. Separate investment advisory committees and investment policies guide the management of these funds. Funds for the Church and Day School include a General Endowment Fund for each and multiple donor-designated funds for each.

Support from the Foundation meets needs which annual stewardship alone does not meet. The St. Mark’s community aspires, on an annual basis, to give abundantly, practice/ wise stewardship and share its resources with others.

Foundation Trustees

George Egan, Chairman
E. Cobb Harbeson, Treasurer
Denise M. Hudmon, Secretary
Rev. Thomas P. Murray, Rector

John D. Baker II
Franklin R. Beard
H. Bradford Berg
Nancy Burrows
J. Randall Evans
John Falconetti
Elizabeth Gordon
Theodore Ronald Hainline, Jr.
Patricia MacRae
Hugh M. Magevney III
Deborah Melnyk
Dade R. Nigro
Nicholas Pulignano, Jr.
J. Frank Surface

Ex officio

Phil Rachels, Senior Warden
Mike Grimes, Junior Warden
Charles Gibbs, School Board Chairman