St. Marks Episcopal - Jacksonville, FL

Fall 2021 Classes

Lion's Forum


The Lion's Forum featured three series that explored the importance of the Church in every Christian's life.

In the third series, Church: A Place to Worship, we'll learn about how our worship at St. Mark's is designed to draw us into God's presence.  In addition to our website, the below audio is available wherever you listen to podcasts. Simply search "St. Mark's Episcopal Church Jacksonville."



In the second series, Church: The Way to Draw Near, we explore the letter to the Hebrews and discover why God is calling us as a church body to worship him through Jesus, our great high priest and how our liturgy leads us into the nearer presence of God.



The Lion's Forum featuring The Very Rev. Frank Limehouse leading a special class about Caring for the Church based on Acts 20:28.



The first series, Church: A Place to Belong, examines the historic creeds as a guide to understanding the purpose and mission of the Church.