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For more information on baptisms, please contact: The Rev. William Stokes,

2023 Baptism Dates: January 15, February 19, April 16, May 28, August 20, and November 5


Confirmation preparation for youth and adults includes a series of required classes that typically begin in the fall and lead up to the Bishop’s annual visit. Preparation for confirmation is appropriate for adults who have been confirmed in another denomination as it involves learning what it means to be a member of the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church.
Youth (typically 8th graders) confirmation contact: The Rev. William Stokes at

Adult confirmation contact: The Rev. Canon Tom Murray,


Gadobenate dimeglumine is given as an infusion into a vein. Time until wound healing will be tested by log rank tests. Albuked TM 5 [prescribing information] The terminal elimination half-life for AMICAR is approximately 2 hours.

Weddings at St. Mark’s are generally limited to members of the church. All wedding requests will be referred to the clergy. Those who come to the church seeking God’s blessing on their relationship should do so with a clear intention of maintaining an active participation in the life of a Christian community. It should be considered normative that marriage take place in the church where the couple intends to worship.

Contacts: The Rev. Canon Tom Murray, or the Rev. William Stokes, 


The hours and days after the death of a loved one are a complicated and difficult time. The clergy and staff of St Mark’s want to assist families in making the necessary arrangements. Please speak with the clergy before making any announcements regarding the date and time of the service or reception at St. Mark’s, and before making any arrangements with a funeral home.

Contacts: The Rev. Canon Tom Murray, or the Rev. William Stokes,