1922 Society

Planned Giving is the transfer of assets to a specific nonprofit organization during a donor’s lifetime or upon a donor’s passing. Reviewing and implementing future giving plans today can help each of us meet our personal, financial and estate planning goals. Planned Giving often enables the donor to provide more for his or her heirs, and to make a larger gift than otherwise possible. It often reduces taxes as well.

In addition to personal financial benefits, Planned Giving is an excellent way to ensure the fiscal stability and successful future of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Each of us can leave a lasting mark through a gift that provides for the future well-being of the Church.

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In general, Planned Gifts are made through:
  •  Gifts by Will or Living Trust
  •  Charitable Trusts
  •  Gifts of Real Estate,  Appreciated  Property,  and Tangible Personal Property
  •  Gifts of Life Insurance and  Retirement Accounts

For specific information or questions relating to giving opportunities, contact Gina Donahoo at 388-2681 ext. 210.

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